About the "Inspired by Columbus" posts

Columbus has a great and diverse food scene.  And while I enjoy well-known dishes, I'm always intrigued by menu offerings that I haven't seen before.  As I'm eating something that is new to me I often find myself inspired to create something new of my own.  Sometimes this means using the same ingredients but in a different way, other times it means using making the same type of dish, but with completely different ingredients.  My goal with posts titled "Inspired by Columbus" is to celebrate interesting dishes from local dishes and show how they can inspire the home chef by:

- describing the restaurant I visited and it's menu
- highlighting one or two particularly interesting dishes
- explaining how these dishes inspired me at home
- giving the recipe explaining the cooking process for it.

I hope that highlighting some of these memorable dishes around town will get you try some new things, when you go out to eat and at home.

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